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Island Orchard Cider mentioned in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Photo of an apple clusterRead about Wisconsin Cider Makers, including Island Orchard Cider, mentioned in the October 11, 2013 issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“We thought this would be a perfect fit for the fruit we could grow in Door County,” Bob Purman said. “And surprising to say the least, but sales are going pretty fast.”


Island Orchard Cider Featured in Fall 2013 Issue of Edible Door

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Photo of the Edible Door Fall 2013 coverFoodie magazine Edible Door features a full article on Island Orchard Cider in their Fall 2013 issue. Writer Katie Lott Schnorr discusses the history of cider, the inspiration for the business and the process of cider maker Bob Purman.

“We’re lucky to be able to do two full fermentations a year,” explains Bob, who enjoys how his work is dictated by nature’s calendar. “Making cider means living the daily process,” he says, whether that is experimenting with a new type of wild yeast, or focusing on what the orchard needs. Recently, Bob borrowed a few hives of bumblebees from a neighboring farmer, to be sure that his trees were being properly pollinated.

A Door County Insider Visits the Ellison Bay Cider House

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In “A Delightful Day in Ellison Bay” Door County’s Arts and Culture Insider discusses her visit to Island Orchard Cider’s tasting room.

“I met Lou, who guided me through a tasting of four delicious hard ciders. They were refreshing and oh so different. I learned that all of their ciders are made with 100% Door County apples and pears. That’s a real Door County product!”

Island Orchard Cider Featured in July 2013 issue of M Magazine

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M Magazine journalist Jeanette Hurt, interviewed our own Bob Purman about our Normandy style ciders in a full-page feature titled “Cider Rising.”

Dry French cider, which has an alcohol content of 7 percent, isn’t like the sweeter alcoholic ciders produced or imported by beer giants, Instead of being hit by sugary sweetness and big bubbles, Island Orchard Cider is more refined, like a dry Sancerre wine perhaps.

Peninsula Pulse visits Ellison Bay Cider House

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In “Have a Taste of Island Orchard Cider”, Sally Slattery from the Peninsula Pulse commented about the atmosphere of our Ellison Bay Cider House.

The bare, modern space of the Ellison Bay cider house offers an atmosphere ideal for focusing on the tangy, lightly carbonated tastes swirling over your tongue.