Island Orchard Cider

Our Ciders

As part of the recent resurgence of craft ciders in the United States, we are proud to be using local ingredients to craft some of Wisconsin’s finest ciders in the French style.
All of our ciders are gluten-free and pair well with cheeses, seafood, poultry or pork, desserts, BBQ, spicy dishes and cream sauces.

Brut Apple Cider

Medium body, light astringency. Dry with a balance of fruit and tartness.

Island Orchard Brut Cider is an unpretentious and simple expression of the fruit and the yeast it was fermented with. We blend a variety of cider apples to achieve an earthy, aromatic balance.

Pairs well with blue cheeses or sharp cheeses, cured meats such as ham or prosciutto, oysters or seafood, cream sauces and spicy dishes.

Apple Cherry Cider

A balanced Rosé.
Crisp and dry with a strong cherry finish.

Island Orchard Apple Cherry Cider starts with an apple base to give it body. the tannins from the cherry give it a pucker and clean vividness.

Pairs well with almond cookies or desserts, arugula or a spinach salad with candied nuts & fruit, chocolate, artichokes or broccoli rabe and pork dishes.

Oak Aged Apple Cider

Full bodied. Dry, round
and robust.

Island Orchard Oak Aged Cider is created by aging our Brut Apple Cider in French oak for an additional three months to deliver a mellow richness. The tannins from the oak add depth and body with a slight drying quality on the palate.

Pairs well with Paella or spicy seafood stew, pizza, smoked chicken, Hungarian Goulash
and BBQ.

Pear Cider

Light but ripe with a distinctive pear flavor.

Island Orchard Pear Cider is a delicate balance of two pears. Bartlett imparts the aromatics of the fruit.
Bosc delivers the dry tannins and complexity.

Pairs well with croissants or baked goods, soft cheeses like Brie or Goat cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich or fresh berries with whipped cream.