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Shepherd Express Milwaukee Reviews Island Orchard

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In an April 22, 2014 article in Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express, Susan Harpt Grimes says this about Island Orchard Cider:

The Apple Cherry Cider is well balanced, sweet without being sugary, and has a smooth, tart cherry finish. It would be easy for a beer-drinker to transition to cider drinking the Apple Cherry. The Pear Cider is very reminiscent of a crisp chardonnay. Dry and tannic, with a pleasant earthiness, this cider could easily replace a white wine on a warm summer evening. The Brut Apple Cider has a nice medium body, and a perfect balance of tartness to fruit. This variety stands up well to sharp and blue cheeses. The Oak Aged Apple Cider is full bodied, rich and mellow after being aged for three additional months in French oak barrels—it pairs remarkably well with barbeque.

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